Workplace Postings for Workers’ Rights Supporters

Did you know that employers with even one employee are required to post certain information under California and Federal labor laws?

While other labor law posters seek only to comply with the minimum California and Federal requirements, the new labor compliance posters produced by the Center for Workers’ Rights highlight the important content in the mandatory posters with a spectacular design that is sure to draw the attention of employees, clients, and any one that passes by.  Show your support of worker education by prominently displaying these posters in your office!

  • Series of 5 custom designed 11×17 posters each themed based on content of the included publications
  • California required workplace posters include: Minimum Wage, Payday Notice, Anti-Discrimination and Harassment, Transgender Rights, Pregnancy Rights, California Family Rights Act, Whistleblower Protections, Workplace Injuries, Safety and Hazards, Employment Development Department poster on Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave, Paid Sick Days, Emergency Numbers, Abolition of Human Trafficking, and Time Off to Vote.
  • Federal posters include: Minimum Wage, Anti-Discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, and USERRA.
  • Does not include the applicable IWC Wage Order, which must also be posted.  Note: Posters applying to specific employers, especially federal contractors, are not include, not is the No Smoking Sign required by California labor law. Please consult and attorney or the appropriate agency to confirm the particular posters required for your workplace.
  • Support for the research and design of these posters provided by the California Lawyers Association Labor and Employment Law Section.
  • Purchase of the poster helps support the enforcement of labor laws for low-wage workers.

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Note: Images do not reflect final poster design.  

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