Supporting a Victim of Sexual Harassment

To support a worker during her sexual harassment case, the Center for Workers’ Rights represented former employee in a civil restraining order hearing against her harasser and former boss. The urgency of the matter and the emotions involved in the case had made it difficult for the workers to find counsel in this matter.  Her attorney on her sexual harassment case declined to represent her on the restraining order.  The Center acted quickly, with only a day’s notice, we prepared the client, witnesses, and evidence. Because of fear of retaliation and violence, the client did not want to see her harasser, but she felt that only a court’s order would stop him from the name calling, false accusations, and stalking that our client had experienced throughout her employment and since quitting.  Although the petition was not granted, the client’s bravery in testifying about her harasser’s inappropriate conduct helped her feel more confident in facing him during her sexual harassment case, and she thanked the Center for standing by her side.