Creating Lasting Impact

The Center for Workers’ Rights approaches our work in a way that benefits as many workers as possible. When we see one worker facing abuse, discrimination or mistreatment in the workplace, we know that there are many others who are also facing the same obstacles in the same establishment, position, or industry.

Our staff, volunteers, and community leaders use the knowledge gathered from thousands of individual legal cases and worker conversations and apply it to design creative and practical policies and ensure government agencies are equipped to implement these policies equitable, and promptly.

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Pushing Government Forward

The Center for Workers’ Rights serves as an collective voice to advocate for all low-wage workers and as an expert in workers’ rights issues when meeting with local, state and federal agencies charged with the administration of workplace protections.

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Innovative Policy

When we have identified particular gaps in the law that prevent workers from stamping out injustice in the workplace, we turn to policy development.

Our campaigns and advocacy efforts to pressure legislators to change the unjust systems within the low-wage industries and the procedural barriers they face in enforcing existing law.The Center brings impacted workers to these legislators to hear for themselves the impact of these policy recommendations on real communities.

The Center looks to models from other cities, states, and nations, but makes sure that each example is examined with our own communities’ unique situations in mind.

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