Building Community Connections

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Our organizing efforts often start with our outreach team. By going out into the community, connecting with community partners, the Center for Workers’ Rights expands its reach to new workers and invites those workers to learn about their rights and advocate for better working conditions.

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Since opening our doors in 2014, the Center has worked tirelessly to foster and maintain relationships with other organizations who share our vision of workers’ empowerment and justice. Doing this work has served to strengthen our ties to the working community we serve.

We have partnered with local non-profit organizations serving similar populations to include workplace support among the other supportive resources and services being provided. In the Sacramento area, CWR convenes meetings with local Unions and organizations working with specific industries or populations of workers to share resources, offer training, and coordinate efforts to build worker engagement.

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Worker engagement takes on many forms. From organizing in one industry, such as our fights in the residential care home industry against wage theft, to championing campaigns which lead to substantial victories for the whole working class, such as the CWR’s instrumental involvement in the creation of EDD’s Unemployment Insurance conditional payment program in 2021. It was through our continued engagement with workers that these victories were possible.

Through organizing, the Center for Workers’ Rights hopes to eradicate workplace violations through collective empowerment.

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