Your generous support means we can keep workers in their jobs by helping them challenge workplace abuse. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Center for Workers’ Rights relies on funding from individuals, organizations, foundations, and government entities.

We have been lucky to have expanded our work during the COVID-19 pandemic with pandemic-related government funding, but we now need to build our base of support to continue to engage with the community at the same level. We ask those who can financially support our work to please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Two women posing with an award

Annual Awards Celebration

Our Annual Awards Celebration honors community leaders who go above and beyond individuals to support working people. We gather together to recognize these impactful individuals, reflect on the Center’s achievements, and raise essential support for our client services. This year, the Center for Workers’ Rights invites you, your family, friends, and associates to join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary.

Ways to Give

Cy Pres

In class action litigation, under the cy pres doctrine, unallocated, unclaimed or undeliverable funds are directed to the next best use. California Code of Civil Procedure § 384(b) authorizes the trial court to direct residual funds to nonprofit organizations providing civil legal services to the indigent, or nonprofit organizations to support projects that will benefit the class or similarly situated persons.

Because the Center for Workers’ Rights combats harms similar to those litigated in class action lawsuits, CWR is a frequent recipient of cy pres funds. We have been an approved recipient of cy pres funds in central and northern California, in a wide range of industry actions. Cy pres awards allow CWR to continue our important work in building strong working class communities. Please contact Daniela Urban for more information about how to designate CWR as a cy pres recipient.


Make a donation today to support our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of low-wage workers.

Matching Gifts

Many large employers will match their employees’ donations to charitable organizations. Ask your employer if they provide donation matches and view our profile on Benevity, one of the platforms that facilitates matching donations.

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