Our First Victory!

Since our Inaugural Celebration on August 20th, we have already made an impact on the lives of Sacramento workers.

On September 16, 2014, UC Davis law student Anna Ratner represented retail worker Sabita in her appeal hearing for unemployment insurance benefits.

In the 15 years Sabita had worked for her employer prior to her termination, she had never been disciplined. Her employer awarded her a $25 gift card to the store for her perfect attendance; but when she used it, they accused her of dishonesty and terminated her employment.

Anna, one of the student directors of the new Workers’ Rights Clinic in Davis, saw the injustice in the denial of benefits to Sabita. She prepared evidence in support of Sabita’s case and calmed Sabita’s concerns about testifying at the hearing.

After Anna’s passionate advocacy at the hearing, the Administrative Law Judge made his decision that same day and found Sabita eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

The Center for Workers’ Rights is proud to have represented Sabita, and we are thrilled to declare our first victory for low-wage workers!

This is just the beginning!

Last week, eleven UC Davis law students were trained to advocate for low-wage workers at the new Workers’ Rights Clinic, opening this Wednesday, September 24th in Davis.These new legal advocates will undoubtedly bring justice to workers throughout our community.


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