Language Discrimination Case at Davis Restaurant Reported by Sacramento Bee

“[Francisca] Perez worked at Osteria Fasulo for 11 years, making dishes such as braised rabbit stew with polenta for some of Davis’ wealthiest diners until May 31, 2018. During the dinner rush that night, Fasulo allegedly overheard her take an order from waitress Janet Ruelas-Nava in Spanish. For that, Perez alleged, Fasulo screamed at her, pounded a table, mockingly asked if she wanted him to add burritos to the menu and told her she needed to learn English to keep her job — all in front of her 11-year-old son, who had just walked in. She allegedly snapped back at him, saying he was discriminating against Mexicans despite them supporting his kitchen. Then, she said, Fasulo told her, “You can get your ass out of my restaurant.” The Center For Workers’ Rights, a Sacramento-based legal services nonprofit for low-wage workers, filed a complaint on Perez’s behalf with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing on Tuesday,” reported the Sacramento Bee on Friday.

Standing up to your boss is hard, but Francisca knows that coming forward to fight for justice makes it possible for others to do the same. 

The Center for Workers’ Rights met Ms. Perez through our Workers’ Rights Clinic.  When she made the difficult decision to pursue her discrimination case, the Center agreed to represent her and advocate for her interests. 

Watch Francisca tell her story.

If you or someone you know has been subject to an English-Only policy, contact the Workers’ Rights Clinic at 916-905-5857. 

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