Coalition of Low-Wage and Immigrant Worker Advocates (CLIWA) Retreat Chaired by the Center for Workers’ Rights

The Center for Workers’ Rights chaired this year’s Coalition for Low-Wage and Immigrant Worker Advocates (CLIWA) annual retreat. Held in San Francisco, the two-day retreat had a record number of attendees who listened to panels on issues such as best practices for attorney/worker center relations, solutions for sexual harassment, evidentiary issues in wage and hour, immigration based retaliation and much more.


Each year, the CLIWA retreat serves as the primary reunion of legal organizations and worker centers who specialize in protecting immigrant workers. Throughout the year, CLIWA facilitates worker empowerment and ends exploitation in low-wage targeted industries. Based on this objective we facilitate a proactive, effective, and empowering relationship between governmental regulatory agencies and low-wage workers, with a special focus on immigrant workers, and work on policy and administrative reform to increase worker protections in the state of California.


CLIWA is entirely member run. The Annual Retreat serves two main objectives: (1) plan priorities for CLIWA working groups for the upcoming year and (2) conduct several trainings on labor and employment issues for attorneys and organizers at worker centers. This year, Center for Workers’ Rights Executive Director, Daniela Urban, led the group of 7 CLIWA members who volunteered their time to plan and facilitate the details of the entire two-day annual meeting.


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