The Beginnings of the Center for Workers’ Rights

Founding of the Center for Workers’ Rights

What began as a dream is slowly becoming a reality. As of March 21, 2014, I have incorporated a new nonprofit public benefits corporation called the Center for Workers’ Rights. The Center will provide legal and advocacy assistance to low-income workers in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

The investigatory stage of the organization will extend to May 2 – during which I will continue to explore potential programs and partnerships for the organization. No formal commitments will be made until after this investigatory stage and it is clear we have a solid foundation to successfully launch the organization and implement its mission.

Community Support

Since recently moving back to Sacramento, I have met with many key advocates already working to advance the rights of low-wage workers in the Sacramento Valley. All have been wonderfully supportive of the idea of providing additional legal services in the community. I am especially thankful to the existing legal services organizations that have passed along valuable knowledge about serving our community.

Local attorneys and members of the California Employment Lawyers Association have already expressed their willingness to volunteer and participate in the Center’s legal services projects.

Labor unions have also welcomed the Center’s plans – not only to provide legal services to low-income workers, but the larger vision of advocating for improved working conditions for all workers in the Sacramento area.

And lastly, the local law schools said they look forward to the opportunity for their students to participate in the Center’s Workers’ Rights Clinics that will be run in conjunction with the Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center. Thanks to the resources, reputation, and experience of the LAS-ELC, we are looking to launch a new clinic location in the area this fall.

Organization Formation

The organization could not have taken shape this quickly without the first board member of the Center for Workers’ Rights, Mariko Yoshihara. Mariko’s experience as political director of the California Employment Lawyers Association and her dedication to community legal services makes her the perfect collaborator.

Mariko and I will continue to work together to take care of the many administrative hurdles that are still to come. Any time and assistance you can provide in helping to build the Center for Workers’ Rights would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me directly regarding your willingness and availability.

More soon…

Daniela Urban

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