Coffee Shop Worker Did Not Abandon Job

On May 11, 2015, the Center for Workers’ Rights represented a coffee shop worker in her appeal for unemployment benefits before the California Unemployment Appeals Board. The Employment Development Department (EDD) previously sided with her employer finding that she abandoned her job when she did not submit her preferred schedule to her manager in a timely manner. EDD also alleged that the worker had made false statements in order to receive unemployment benefits.


At hearing, the Center demonstrated that our client properly notified her manager that she would not be able to submit her work schedule until she registered for classes, which was several weeks later. The Administrative Law Judge sided with the worker and found that the manager had initiated the end of employment and our client was therefore eligible for benefits.


The Center for Workers’ Rights has seen several cases where workers are facing false statement allegations from EDD when it is clear on the record that statements made were truthful, reflecting only a difference in perspective about the cause for the separation from the employer’s statement. The Center is working with EDD to change its practices for alleging false statements.

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