CWR Connects with Over 300 Workers During Weekend Outreach Events

On March 25th, the entire Center for Workers’ Rights team did community outreach at 3 different events in Sacramento. 

The first event, Youth, Parks &  Community Enrichment annual Youth Employment and Resource Fair, was held at City Hall in Downtown Sacramento in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The organization provided job training for pre and young adults (13-24 yrs old). Throughout the event they hosted a variety of sessions providing community members the tools to apply for jobs. They offered resume workshops, had a photographer taking cover photos, a ‘how to dress for the job’ workshops, info sessions on city jobs and help with applications. CWR was there to provide those newly entering the workforce information.. 

The second event, the annual Cesar Chavez Day celebration, started at Southside park where local organizations and residents gathered to share space, resources, music and hear from a variety of speakers who touched on the ongoing struggle for workers’ rights, and the quest for respect and dignity for all. CWR spoke with over 100 people during this celebration and  the Center’s Executive Director Daniela Urban gave a speech on the importance of knowing your protections and rights as a worker (video linked below).  

After celebrating the legacy of Cesar Chavez, two  of CWR’s team members then headed to Mack Road Valley High Community Center for a resource fair in South Sacramento. The event focused on health and wellness resources for the surrounding neighborhoods. A BBQ lunch was provided for all attendees as well as activities for young children.

At each of these events, CWR highlighted three main workplace rights:

Minimum Wage: At the beginning of 2023, minimum wage in California was raised to $15.50 an hour (and will continue to raise each year with the cost of living). This increase also impacts salaried or exempt workers which now need to be paid a minimum of $64,480 a year in order to be exempt from overtime, meal and rest break requirements. Violations of minimum wage/salary laws can be reported to the Labor Commissioner’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement office.  

Workers’ Right to Organize: The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects workers’ ability to organize a union and negotiate with your employer. You are also protected when discussing your working conditions, and pay with your fellow workers, or union representatives, and if you decide to take action to improve your working conditions! You do not need to be a part of a union to stand together and fight!

California Paid Sick Leave: Employers are required to provide workers a minimum of 24 hours (3 days) sick leave in California. Workers must accrue at least one hour per 30 hours worked, and are eligible for paid sick leave if they have worked at least 30 days in the State. It is also a requirement that employers provide their workers with a detailed pay stub showing the amount of sick time they have accrued as well as the deductions from their pay. Violations of California Paid Sick Leave can be reported to the Labor Commissioner’s Office.

CWR handed out pamphlets outlining the rights workers have to a safe and healthy work environment. The Covid-19 pandemic had demonstrated that many of the protections workers had were either insufficient or inadequately communicated. We continue to educate and share resources with the community to ensure that all workers can remain as healthy as possible.

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