Labor Rights Community Presentation for Parents and Guardians at Hiram Johnson High School

The Center for Workers’ Rights partnered with Sacramento Central Labor Council for a presentation on labor rights for parents and guardians at Hiram Johnson High School. 

The presentation focused on hourly compensation, workers’ right to a safe and harassment-free workplace, disability accommodation, sick pay, how to access unemployment benefits and much more. Attendees were provided with materials and information regarding their rights in the workplace and how to redress any grievances they might have. 

Sacramento City Unified School district is home to over 40,000 students, many of whom come from bilingual households, or have parents/guardians who may be undocumented workers. Hiram Johnson High School in particular has a large percentage of Spanish speaking students who attend the school. CWR and the Sacramento Central Labor Council focus on ensuring that ALL workers, regardless of citizenship, or language, have access to correct information about workplace rights. 

Oftentimes undocumented workers are subjected to increased levels of abuse and exploitation in the workplace because employers know they are less likely to file a complaint in fear of retaliation. California laws protect all workers from retaliation, and all workers are guaranteed minimum wage, mandatory sick time, and a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with wage-theft, discrimination, or abuse in the workplace please call our hotline at 916-905-5857 to make an appointment with our workers rights clinic.

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