CWR Supports SB 686 – Protect Domestic Workers!

Because of our country’s racist foundation, domestic workers have historically been excluded from workplace protections. Senate Bill 686  would remove the exclusion of household domestic services from the California Labor Code, therefore, expanding health and safety protections to household domestic service workers. 

The Department of Industrial Relations, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, under existing law known as OSHA, require that employers adhere to certain regulations in regards to health and safety in the workplace. However, OSHA does not include domestic workers under their definition of employees. Senate Bill 686, seeks to close that gap. 

The Center for Workers’ Rights has assisted members of the domestic labor force for years, and we know first hand how often these particular workers are subjected to long hours, low pay, and insufficient regulations.We’re happy to support SB 686 that aims to increase protections in an industry that has for too long been neglected. This bill would not only expand protections to domestic workers it will also require that the state department partner with community-based organizations to identify the unique issues domestic workers are faced with to continue to increase their workplace protections. 

CWR will continue to work with community partners, and labor leaders to push our elected officials to adopt robust measures, standards and policies which demonstrate a commitment to workers’ health, safety and dignity at the forefront. CWR has formally signed on to support this Bill and will continue to provide updates as they occur. If you are interested in reaching out to the Center for support on workers’ issues please email us at or call 916-905-5857

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